Secure Working With Smooth twin rail system.
Cattle elevator will be stainless twin rail.
Sachet will be NPU profiled and fold points will not prevent the movement of the chain 
With the help of pushing boots on the cattle elevator at interval of 600 mm ¼ carcasses would be lıfted to 5000mm with the angle of nearly 45 degree.
After lifting that will continue on the elevation of twin rail, at least 5 mt.
Cattle elevator is in the power of 10 HP and will be provoked with worm gear.
Its speed will be approximately 10 mt /m.
One of the chain wheel provide the movement with the help of other chain wheel in the engine reducer.
Other wheel is stretch forming and will be mounted to the tail part of the sachet.
Bedding of wheels to the sachets will be bearing.
Aisle will be mounted to the twin rail on the drive section of the elevator and to the ground on the tail part 
Carcass will be hot-dip galvanized and wheels and chains will be electro-galvanized
Quartering elevator will be mounted with whole equipment and panel and electric connections will be done and delivered in running.