Pallet Conveyor
Walking System Automatic
Speed Adjustment conveyor twin rail

Sachet of conveyor will be produces from NPU 80 and NPU 140 profile.
Conveyor will have 5.5 HP and will be stimulated by engine-reductor. Motion in the reductor will be transferred to conveyor with the help of gear system and speed of the conveyor will be   3.2 mt./m
Distance between cattle will be 3 mt during the process and nail distance will be 90 cm. Sachet of the conveyor will be hot-dip galvanized but other parts will be electro-galvanized.
Road of hooks will be 2 piece of 2x30x50 mm sized stainless steel box and will be bolted to sachet with stainless metal sheets.
In the both end of the sachet there will be stretching gear system. Pallets which pull the hooks over the gear system will take part. Distance between axis of chain shafts will be 100mm. Chains will be electro-galvanized.